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Select your own Watercolor Paints to try in Half Pans
Select your own Watercolor Paints to try in Half Pans
Select your own Watercolor Paints to try in Half Pans

Select your own Watercolor Paints to try in Half Pans

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I want to offer a way for you to try out some of my favorite paints and colors that I use daily especially if you are in my Sketchbook Journey Course. These will come dry in a half pan (some shrinkage and cracking can occur during the drying, but they will be filled as high as I can). They will be shipped in mini Altoids tins with sticky-puddy on the bottom and names, pigment number and brand written on the side of each half pan. This is a simple way to customize and add new colors to your collection without having to buy many tubes of paint. 

Options Available: 3, 6 and 12 Half Pans

Colors to Choose From:

Hansa Yellow Medium, Daniel Smith, PY97

Quinacridone Gold, Daniel Smith, PO38, PY150

Yellow Ochre, Daniel Smith, PY43

Permanent Orange, Daniel Smith, PO62

Pyrrol Scarlet, Daniel Smith, PR255

Quinacridone Magenta, Holbein, PR122

Cerulean Blue Chromium, Daniel Smith, PB36

Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), Daniel Smith, PB15:3

Ultramarine Blue, Daniel Smith, PB29

Sap Green, Daniel Smith, PO48, PY150, PG7 

Phthalo Green, (Blue Shade), Daniel Smith, PG7

Perylene Green, Daniel Smith, PBk31

Burnt Seinna, Daniel Smith, PBr7

(Environmentally-Friendly) Brown Iron Oxide, Daniel Smith, PBr6

Indigo, Daniel Smith, PB60, PBk6

Jane's Grey, Daniel Smith, PBr7, PB29

Buff Titanium, Daniel Smith, PW6:1

Lemon Yellow, Daniel Smith, PY175

Rich Green Gold, Daniel Smith, PY129

Quinacridone Rose, Daniel Smith, PV19

Quinacridone Purple, Daniel Smith, Pv55

Perylene Violet, Daniel Smith, PV29

Cobalt Teal Blue, Daniel Smith, PG50

Indanthrone Blue, Daniel Smith, PB60

Raw Umber, Daniel Smith, PBr7

Comment at checkout which colors you would like in your order. I'm happy to answer questions, email or call.