The new Phases and Forests Oracle Deck has 48 thoughtfully illustrated and watercolored cards.

I created this deck with the desire to connect more to the natural world around me, taking time to look at the details and patterns and balance of nature.  My desire is for The Phases & Forests Oracle Deck to become a companion for those that seek similar connection and reflection. This deck includes keywords for readings and prompts to help guide you to look at life from new perspectives. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other decks.

This deck is a great tool for those that love nature and looking at the light and shadows of life a little deeper. I love to leave space for self interpretation and discovery in my decks, and this deck can be approached from many angles. You can use the deck as a way to question perspectives and seek deeper knowing. 

Here I am sharing deep-dive videos to help you connect more with your deck. Click on the image below for the first video on getting to know your cards.

Getting to know your deck, first impressions, YouTube video

4 Elements Spread on Youtube


International Retail List for the Roots and Wings Oracle:

The Wootique London, UK

Salon de Arcanes, France