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Katharine Ryalls

18 Well Watercolor Palette, rainbow poplar

18 Well Watercolor Palette, rainbow poplar

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These wooden palettes are designed to be an extra spark of inspiration in the process of sitting down with your sketchbooks to paint. This palette is very lightweight and ideal for travel.

Each is a unique work of art sealed with 3 coats of Osmo hard wax & oil to repel water and clean easily and is nontoxic. 

Wood: rainbow poplar, has a purple hue to the wood

Paint Wells: 18 wells, medium “half pan” volume
Dimensions: 7” L x 2” W x .25”H, weight 1.2 oz in pouch, .9 oz on own

Pouch: gold and cream floral cotton drawstring bag

Each palette has the characteristics and unique qualities of a handmade item that will hopefully be endearing and a joy to work with . 

Ships carefully in a recyclable box, plastic free.  


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