Join Sketchbook Journey Today!

Join Sketchbook Journey Today!

Sketchbook Adventure!

Sketchbooks are wonderful and magical safe spaces for you to grow, explore and push yourself further into your creative mind and spirit.

Perhaps you already have a personal sketchbook practice, or wish you were more consistent with it.... maybe it's something you have wanted to get into but just don't know how to begin or are too scared to mess up the pages..... This class is designed for you. 

In Sketchbook Journey we will be filling our sketchbooks from the first page to the last with over 20 lessons and inspirations - with the Early Bird Special Introductory price you will have access to new videos weekly as I upload them to the course website. But you can join the class at anytime and follow along at your own pace. I plan to have a monthly Live zoom meet up for those of us who want to connect beyond the comments with those also on this journey. 

More detail about the class here. 

You will also be my lovely "feedback" group as teaching online is a new venture for me - with in-person classes there is the beauty of responding to questions and going into more depth as the need arises - I want to have that same responsiveness here. 

The first few videos available now are about supplies for those who are just starting out and need to choose their sketchbooks, paints and brushes. We then familiarize ourselves with those materials in the first couple of lessons as we build our skills for further observations, techniques, infusing imagination curiosity and wonder as we go. 

I hope you consider joining us, I'm looking forward to this being a part of my creative practice in community with you. Let me know if you have any questions! 



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