Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

Last night was quite wonderful under the Full Moon - there is a skylight above my bed in my tiny cabin and during the cold nights its amazing how much crisper and brighter the stars and moon become. Last night was no exception as I went off to sleep, there was a bright glow streaming through all my windows and the land and trees around were lit up with the moon’s reflective light. The wind whirls through the mountains in such a beautiful song, it lulled me to sleep.

I woke up as I usually do in the middle of the night forgetting that the eclipse was going on and noticed the brightness of the night had faded to darkness and I looked up through the skylight and there it was, red and warm and shadowed. The stars took stage again, the wind whirled and my mind quieted into its presence. And it was another one of those moments that reminded me how sacred witnessing and beholding beauty is, but also how much fuller the experience is when you can share it with someone.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently. I’ve been on quite a solo journey most of my life, but every time I see or witness something with awe one of the first things you long to do is say to someone “Do you see that?!” It concretes it a little bit more. Perhaps that’s a bit of why it’s so popular these days to share so many photos and moments. But I also think about how important capturing those moments as imprints on our souls, to change us and soften us to the greater world and universe we live in is far more important than showing and sharing the moment we have had. Of course, here I am sharing this.... but it's something I've been thinking about and quieting myself more into being rather than having to feel known. In most ways I feel like I'm still learning to know myself and how I fit into this complex planet.


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