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Invitation to my new Online Sketchbook Class!

Ok, I was nervous doing this first on camera video! But I had to start somewhere so here it is! (click on the image for the video)

This class is going to be a journey through an entire sketchbook  - a place to grow and explore and observe and discover from the first page to the last. Materials for the class watercolors, pens and pencil in a watercolor sketchbook. We will be finding our own personal style for documenting the nature and beauty around us for ALL levels! And the classes will remain accessible to you so you can take your time as you move through them with your own schedule.

I'm going to be adding lots of blog posts reviewing all of the sketchbooks I have tried as well as other art materials so I can offer as many resources as possible. 

I'm really excited - I'll be adding more info here soon, but wanted to get this posted in case you have questions you can go ahead and ask below or send me an email or a call (and yes, I don't mind phone calls!)