Watercolor painting en plein air in the Linville Gorge Wilderness, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

Beginning to Share

I'm beginning to take a different approach to sharing. I want to open up a little more about the process and daily life of this artist in the mountains. But I want to share in a more one-on-one feeling way than the broad platform of social media. So I'm going to begin sharing videos and more behind the scenes and walks in the woods here, through my website and I hope you will enjoy. I'd also love to hear from you and what you would value here: I am thinking of doing some paint-along videos and tutorials and sneak peeks of what's in the works (which I typically keep under wraps until they are fully ready).

As a starter here's my first YouTube video of one of my favorite sketchbook flip-throughs by clicking on the image below. Thank you as always for being here and I wish you a wonderful and beautiful day.


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