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History of Your Bones
History of Your Bones

History of Your Bones

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This entire year I have been working on a new collection of drawings (almost up to 50 now) from the quiet pages of my sketchbook. Sometimes when I take away the thought or idea that anyone will ever see what I put down, then I'm able to truly release into the creative space. And that has been the space that has always been where I do healing and comforting work for myself. I have learned that often those pieces can resonate deeply with others as well. What is beautiful about life is that even though we all have our own unique journeys, the emotions and feelings we experience through it all is quite universal. I'm looking forward to seeing these pieces develop into a new illustrated oracle deck.

While I am working towards that release prints will be available of select drawings. Printed on fine art cotton paper that captures beautiful detail with a bit of luster and tiny splashes of color unique to this collection. 50 Limited early release edition single prints that will be signed and numbered.

This one is History of Your Bones

4x6" 8x10"  11x14"  16x20"  fine art archival limited edition print. Free domestic shipping